1 – Overture

A grand opening to the Lim Fantasy of Companionship, featuring the 78-member London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Arthur Fagen, Tedd Joselson on piano, and a 36-member ensemble of London Voices, in a powerful orchestration composed by Manu Martin.

Acclaimed pianist Tedd Joselson returns to the stage perform the World Premiere of the Lim Fantasy


A Conversation with acclaimed pianist Tedd Joselson on “the Sensitive Man” hosted by Simon Lim

2 – Jungle Song

The sounds of the Jungle, brought to life by the marimba, percussions and French horns, as the solo pianist animates the run of a baby lion, wild and free.

3 – Alan Song

Tedd Joselson leads this joyous theme song, the ALAN song, as the baby lion celebrates life, wild and free, accompanied by a 36 member choral ensemble of London Voices.

4 – Transition to Origins

A truly tragic scene. The life of our baby lion is suddenly halted by gunshots fired by a lone hunter. We hear its heartbeats, arrhythmic, irregular, stifled, and then, stopped. And as it dies, its soul departs from its animate existence. Its soul lifts off, and then rises with profound melancholy, as we now hear in the cello and piano. The soul sadly accepts that its once animate form is no more, as it drifts off into the skies.

5 – Origins

The harp leads into the dawn of a new day, as the baby lion’s soul arrives in a toy factory and finds its way into the cotton body suit of a plush inanimate baby lion doll, just as it is being stitched up. The orchestra gives a rousing send off, as the inanimate with its soul proudly departs in a cargo jet, flying over, departing its beloved jungle existence forever.

6 – Life on the Shelf

We are in this strange new world of humans and the inanimates who are living side by side, on their shelves. We hear ALAN and its inanimate companions of all sorts celebrate their Life on the Shelf.